EFT Couples Therapy

How to find safe and meaningful connection with your partner through attunement. Groups offered throughout the year.  Learn more

Sex Therapy

How to deal with sexuality both relationally and physically. Talk therapy addresses sexual problems.  Learn more

Life is a gift you long to appreciate.

When you embrace life and feel fully alive, you’re able to weather life’s ups and downs. Your relationships replenish you because you’re a full participant. Your life makes sense.

You carry an image of this life in your heart. In couples and individual counseling with me, you and I will embark on a collaborative journey to make that image your reality. Together we’ll identify breaks in easy functioning and seek ways to repair them.

Although there are many medical ways to talk about psychological difficulties, I prefer to work organically, helping you befriend your inner self and find your personal path to a meaningful and happy life. I accompany you, easing your journey by sharing what I’ve learned about emotions, relationships, and the workings of the brain.  Read more