As an experiential therapist, I put significant emphasis on the work that happens during our sessions in my office. I focus on the movements of your inner life, as well as your relationships, which could be called your “outer life.” Individuals, couples, and families, all have inner and outer lives.

I work collaboratively with you, aiming for the results that we determine together. I focus on your expressed needs, tracking your progress, history, and the journey that is taking place. The process may be short and problem-based, or it might require longer, deeper exploration. We work together to determine the length of your therapy.

• Using what I have learned from existentialism and phenomenology, I will strive to help you understand your place in the world and find a meaningful existence.

• Using analogy and narrative, I will illustrate and suggest ways of finding value in your everyday experiences.

• Through mindfulness, I will help you harness your innate intuition so you can sense what is best for you in a very practical way.

• I also use relaxation techniques, cognitive behavioral techniques, and exploration of childhood experiences as appropriate for your goals.

• I share philosophical or spiritual frameworks you can use to ensure that your changes are strong and enduring.

Along the way to health, some changes temporarily bring discomfort. This is normal for any growth process, and even for life itself. In therapy, we can address these consequences, ensuring that our work supports your long-term wellbeing.

Given the many variables of this healing process, and of the life of any individual, we cannot precisely predict outcomes. I periodically assess your progress and discuss future treatment with you. If it is necessary, I will refer you to another professional.