Family Therapy

Family sustains and nurtures you. It is a deep, invisible foundation supporting every aspect of your life. Therefore, it is vitally important that we refer to it in therapy, and heal its distresses.

No two families are alike. Sometimes a family in distress only needs a simple readjustment to the roles that family members play. Resolving financial issues or strategizing about time management can bring more freedom to their interactions. Other times the work may be more complicated.

I watch for opportunities to stage successful engagements and interactions with your family so that you can learn from actual experience. We then discuss and solidify what you learned. I try to keep family therapy light as much as possible, and rely on restoring the joy of ordinary living to bring healing.

There is no shame in family therapy; there is only opportunity for greater ease and joy.

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Divorce Counseling and Therapy

Even in divorce, family goes on. The connections you’ve formed through your lives together continue on invisibly in the heart and mind. Divorce is a transition from one form of family to a new form, and individuals can suffer immensely during that transition.

Divorcing parties tend to be reactive, and to have difficulty regulating their emotions. As a result, the divorce itself does additional serious damage to an already wounded relationship. Collaborative Law divorce seeks to mitigate these extra injuries. I strongly recommend collaborative rather than adversarial divorce for most of my clients.

As a coach for Collaborative Law divorces (See side bar), I honor and respect the natural phenomenon of family, as I do the Cycle of Life. I cannot undo your divorce, but I can facilitate your journey.

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Discernment Counseling

Sometimes couples are uncertain whether they want to work on their marriage. Discernment counseling is a brief process in which I help couples decide whether to launch into intensive marriage counseling or proceed towards divorce.

Post-Divorce Co-parenting

Once you have been intimately related, there can never be a complete disconnect between members of a family. This makes divorce a particularly challenging emotional event. As a parent you must continue to relate to your former spouse. Your children need to see you working together to give their lives a solid foundation.

Divorce brings a significant rupture to the most essential safety and stability systems we have. You may feel strong anger and sadness, grief and relief, guilt and confusion at a time when you are also making fundamental decisions that will affect the rest of your lives.

My intention is to comfort, soothe, explain, make sense of, and support your family in the divorce process. I emphasize what is most important for the ongoing healthy development of your children, drawing on my experience as a Volunteer Advocate for children in courts with King County CASA.

I offer individual, couple, and family therapy to divorced families, as well as a group for peer support and education.