Individual Therapy

Although humans exist in a world of relationships, there are times when the inner self needs specific and directed attention. In my therapeutic relationship with you, I open myself to connect with what you are feeling and experiencing. In addition to encouraging you to adjust your perceptions and assumptions, I promote forming healthy connections to others. Individual therapy can also address subjects such as a client’s unmanageable moods, their connections to friends, and their work and interests.

Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are both coping mechanisms people use to cushion the impact the world has on them. If you’ve had difficult experiences, you might want to hide from the world because you don’t know how to go forward safely.

Deep feelings of loneliness or abandonment might sap your enthusiasm for living which can then turn into ongoing depression. If you feel helpless in the face of all the things you need to do, you might feel angry or fearful. This can make you anxious, vigilant or mistrusting.

Together we explore, relationally, what the world looks like from your perspective. Our goal is to free you from fear and doubt, and give you a warm feeling of belonging and trust.


Trauma can feel like a physical assault. It can abruptly and violently shift meaning and norms. It usually results from a specific event, but sometimes it’s caused by long exposure to pain or neglect.

I have found that there are issues of trauma that cannot easily be located through talk therapy. When necessary and appropriate, I use Lifespan Integration Therapy, because it deals directly with the integration of experiences in the neural functioning of the brain.

I help people who have suffered trauma heal the wounds it has caused and build resilience so they can re-engage fully with their lives.