Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy, a sensitive issue

Sex is still a very sensitive issue, even though it is popularly displayed in the media. When individuals or couples encounter stress in their sex lives, they might wonder how to get help. How does one talk about such a topic? What if no one else has similar problems? Am I a freak or an addict? These are some of the questions that hesitant clients have in their minds before signing on for sex therapy.

Talk Therapy

Some people are not sure what is involved. I want to assure you that it is a Talk Therapy. We discuss your difficulties and find something you can try at home. Then report back. Nothing sexual is an unwanted concern or question. In my training as a sex therapist, I became familiar with styles not my own, and in therapy in general, I have a compassionate and curious and facilitative approach.

Sexuality is multi-faceted

Sexuality is informed by your preferences, your core pattern, your culture and your peers. And then there is your body, which might encounter some medical issues. All of these are addressed and explored, in ways relevant to your concerns.

Find a Certified Sex Therapist

Many therapists have not undertaken specially focused sex therapy training, but are competent in doing sex therapy, but some are not. There are certifications which require extensive knowledge and supervision, and you can be sure that these certified therapists specialize in sex therapy. Find someone you can trust, and ask questions about the kind of treatment you might experience with him or her.