Men’s Discussion Group, “About Desire”

When: Tuesdays, alternating weeks,* starting July 17, 2018 – 7:30 – 9 PM
Where: Seattle Mind Counseling office in Green Lake, Seattle*
For: 4 to 8 sessions, depending upon the book length
Cost: $25 per session, paid in full at first session

“… a great place for men to talk about being better at life… The books have all been very thought provoking… I find myself asking questions derived from the books on daily basis.” –R.J.

The next book: To Be a Man by Robert Augustus Masters

The focus of the group is to recognize desire as central to motivation. Discussions between men on this topic are not common, and yet, in session after session, the members of the group have found rich rewards they could not have found elsewhere.

This is not a therapy group nor a book group. Deep emotional issues are respectfully noted, but not intruded upon. There is no pressure to talk when you prefer to be quiet. What you share is welcomed.

Each 1.5-hour discussion centers on a book selected for its relevance to human desire and to broadening our understanding of it. Conversations are about practical matters but are also intellectually stimulating. We will talk about relationships and intimacy, as well as about other aspects of life that bring us fulfillment. The group is for men only. I bring a female voice; my role is to keep the group focused on the great matters of life.

Desire, such a natural life force, is often a confusing phenomenon. On the one hand, unmanaged, excessive desire leads to many social problems: alcohol and drugs, sexual deviance and addiction, unstable family relationships, and more. To counteract that trend, people have tried to “give up” desire… as if that were possible. Desire is the engine that drives us to smell a flower, enjoy a child, learn and perfect a skill or sport.

Next book: To Be a Man by Robert Augustus Masters

This book is written by a psychologist who writes about the issues that commonly plague men. a novel that tells a story illustrating Badiou’s philosophical perspectives on love.  There will be 6 sessions, costing $150 for all 6.

Book most recently read:

“Ethical Slut” by Janet Hardy and Dossie Easton

“In Praise of Love” by Alain Badiou

“Loneliness” by John Cacioppo & William Patrick

“What Do Women Want?”

“Love Sense” by Sue Johnson

“Wild Mind” by Bill Plotkin

“Rivers and Mountains without End” and “The Practice of the Wild” by Gary Snyder

“Passionate Marriage” by David Schnarch

“The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Religion and Politics” by Jonathan Haidt

“Moby Dick” by Herman Melville, and “Erotism: Death and Sensuality” by Georges Bataille

“Becoming Animal” by David Abram

“Mating in Captivity,” by Esther Perel

“By Nightfall” by Michael Cunningham (a novel)

* Scheduling is flexible according to the needs of the group.

** Location to be provided upon registration.