Women’s Discussion Group, “Nature and The Self”

When: Tuesdays, alternating weeks,* starting June 19, 2018 -7:30 to 9 PM
Where: Seattle Mind Counseling office in Green Lake, Seattle*
For: 4 to 8 sessions, depending upon the book length
Cost: $25 per session, paid in full at first session


” One day  you finally knew what you had to do.” Mary Oliver, The Journey.

Next book: Men Explain Things to Me by Rebecca Solnit

This group is for women only. The focus of the group is to consider life at its origin, and to live in harmony with the way of things. Women finding their own voices, and returning to the community to contribute as only women can do – that will be the quest of this group. This is not a therapy group nor a book group. Deep emotional issues are respectfully noted, but not intruded upon without permission. There is no pressure to talk when you prefer to be quiet. What you share is welcomed. Each 1.5-hour discussion centers on a book selected for its relevance to the feminine self in the given world. Conversations will direct participants to a rigorous look at the self, and a daring challenge toward community. Though intellectually stimulating, the matters will have practical applications. Women, though similar to men in almost all ways, have some significant differences. To filter those differences out from the bustle of ordinary life, and to sharpen their power, is an activity that requires space. This group provides space to read, discuss and learn that which we have left behind, untended and unrefined. We endeavor to bring those qualities back in order to live more intentionally and powerfully. There are issues of health, of community building, of birth, and intuition that often bear the mark of the feminine. We read “Care of the Soul,” by Thomas Moore, a spiritual text of classical foundations After that we read “Habits of the Heart,” by Bella, et al, which broadened our perspective into social life in the United States, comparing the consequences of strong traditional community to the changing perspective of modern individualism.   Sprinkled with discussion led by professionals in the areas of physical health, sexuality and philosophy, women will enjoy each others’ company, and learn from the collective wisdom. Recently we read “Thinking Fast and Slow,” by Daniel Kahneman.  Women are often conflicted between using intuitive thinking and logic. Being capable of both, they are at times reticent about these abilities and do not fully assert themselves in male conversation. This book showed up the different types of thinking, how intuition can at times, and cannot at other times, be trusted, and the cognitive biases that operate in the culture.

Next we will read “Men Explain Things to Me,” by Rebecca Solnit.  This is one of many books by Solnit on the female experience. We will read this book in 3 sessions.

Books we have recently read

“The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” by MarkMason

“Into the Magic Shop” by James Doty

“Soulmates” by Thomas Moore

“Soulcraft” by Bill Plotkin

“The Happiness Hypothesis” by Jonathan Haidt

“Healing the Heart of Democracy” by Parker Palmer

“The Mythic Path” by Stanley Krippner and Daniel Feinstin

* Scheduling is flexible according to the needs of the group.

** Location to be provided upon registration.

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